IO3: R&D and innovation e-platform and e-learning software


The e-platform and e-learning software on R&D and innovation is expected to rise opportunities for all the interested parties by removing the time-space constraints. We could not encounter any "open-access" platforms or learning tools during our research on these specific topics.

Despite of the long distances, e-platform is a place where people who work under R&D or people who are interested in R&D and innovation meet and interact with each other. Also, this e- platform is a digital tool through which R&D culture will be disseminated. On the other hand, the e-learning program gives the people who are interested in to improve their job-related skills for conducting better-quality R&D works.

The e-platform and e-learning program sets an example for all the countries and industrial companies. This means, R&D and innovation culture can be disseminated in this way.

Here is the link for the e-platform:

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