IO2 – Curriculum on R&D and Innovation


Depending on the research that we have conducted, we could not encounter any specific curriculum based on R&D and innovation. With this project, we aim to fill this gap. The main aim of our project is to implement transnational activities and collaborations which are focusing on supporting and developing R&D and innovation based vocational training of the engineers in both EU and Turkey.

The creation of an expanded international joint vocational training curriculum, the development of ICT-based innovative, effective and sustainable tools (the development and implementation of the e-learning tool and the e-platform), as well as a skill- formation certification which is planned to be given at international level and added into higher education curricula can be counted as the main objectives of our project.

The actual project activities started with the needs analysis; a thoroughly prepared questionnaire were applied to the personnel of R&D and design centers. Depending on the statistical analysis of the results, the crucial needs of these personnel were determined and a pilot-curriculum was prepared.

This curriculum can be applicable or adoptable for countries except our partnering countries. the project provides open-access, the curriculum can be translated into different languages from English and partners’ countries’ languages and can be used and disseminated.

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